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Hello, it's been a while!
5 months ago

This place is kinda dead, let's revive it!

Anyway, join the server at

New server spawn!
about 1 year ago

The server spawn has been completely re-worked! It is small but it still includes everything like warps, a workshop, information, and shops! Some things are still under construction, so expect small changes every now and again. We hope you all like the new server spawn! (it took me 5 hours to build and regenerate every single chunk the old one covered)

Forum database issues
about 1 year ago

The forums recently suffered from database issues, as a result of changing the website host. This means all accounts, posts, and settings were deleted, with no way to recover them. Things may change over time, like new announcements or information posts or settings changed.

Welcome to the new forums!
about 1 year ago

Welcome to the new forums!

We now use NamelessMC instead of ProBoards since this forum software can be hosted on my website, and is way more customisable than ProBoards. (I don't have an awful lot to say lmao).

Enjoy the new forums!

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